Paralegal Duties Family Law

Paralegal Duties Family Law

3. Correspondence with customers. Much of a family lawyer`s time is spent corresponding with clients by phone, email and in person. Many family law clients are going through a very difficult time in their lives and rely on their paralegal not only to keep them informed and involved in their case, but also to listen to them and hold their hand through everything. Social skills and the ability to focus with clients are very important qualities for a family paralegal. It`s also helpful to know how to gently withdraw from a conversation, as some clients will use their paralegal as a consultant, making it difficult to end the conversation and return to work. What is the difference between paralegals and lawyers? 9. Support customers with discovery requests. Many clients need help gathering the documents needed for production requests and formulating answers to questions. As a family law paralegal, your job is to help and then assemble the discovery investigation and make it available to the opposing lawyer. This can mean calling banks, businesses, and government agencies to determine where a document is and how to get a copy for questioning. As a family law paralegal, your job is to help and then assemble the discovery investigation and make it available to the opposing lawyer. This may mean calling banks, businesses, and government agencies to determine where a document is and how to get a copy of it, answering questions, or making copies of documents and indexing them to send to the opposing lawyer.

Many law firms require their family paralegals to have a two- or four-year degree in a related legal field. Some even require you to be certified as a family law paralegal. The more references you have that show your expertise, the better. For those who do not have previous experience in a company, it is better to get an internship. Preferably, the articling will be a law firm specializing in family law. When you do an internship in the company, you gain a lot of knowledge that will help you in your career. If you receive a four-year degree, you can take a certification program after graduation. Employers look favourably on those with a diploma and certificate in family law. Paralegals also serve as a valuable buffer in tense situations. When clients communicate through their lawyers, some of the raw emotional aspects of dealing directly with a separated family member are removed. A paralegal can be used as a trusted means of transmitting information and inquiries. Many divorces are now resolved through mediation instead of going to court, a faster and much cheaper way to resolve issues since it involves communication and negotiation.

In fact, for most family law paralegals, talking to clients takes most of the day. The job description of a family law paralegal often includes the following assignments: Our Paralegal Studies major prepares graduates to work in many exciting careers, including as family law paralegals. Students enrolled in the program receive valuable hands-on, competency-based training in a variety of topics – including legal research and writing, critical thinking, ethics, communication, etc. With so many family law cases, it`s easy to forget that each one is a private emotional tragedy for those involved. They may be just as upset and disappointed by the arbitrary course of justice as they are by their situation at home. Often, this anger is focused on lawyers and paralegals who have to break the bad news. Typically, paralegals meet with the potential client and make an appointment with the lawyer early in the process. The duties of a family law paralegal begin when the lawyer is hired and usually include: A family law paralegal helps lawyers and government agencies represent clients in family law matters. You will work with a family law lawyer or paralegal to gather information, research cases, file documents, organize financial documents, and assist with legal proceedings.

Your duties include the usual work of a paralegal, but with a more focused specialization. They are present in family disputes, divorces, child adoption cases and custody hearings. They also draft and file legal documents in local, state, and federal courts. Our law firm is looking for a Family Law Paralegal to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for legal research, preparation of legal documents and performing various administrative tasks in the office. They may also participate in interviews or obtain affidavits from clients. Our ideal candidate has an Associate`s degree in Paralegal Studies and experience in family and divorce law. You also need to have excellent research and communication skills, as you will play many roles within our firm. While it`s not required for all of these job postings, a thorough and in-depth knowledge of family law issues or earning certifications such as those offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) can help your resume stand out from the competition when applying for jobs.

There are many opportunities for a family paralegal to advance in their career. One option is to specialize in a specific area of family law, such as divorce, custody, or adoption. Another way forward is to get certified by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or the American Bar Association (ABA). Certification demonstrates that a paralegal has the knowledge and skills required to perform their work at a high level. Family law is a unique field of activity because it involves the study of law in relation to the many types of relationships between people who share a family bond. Family law paralegals have expertise in legislation and precedents related to: Paralegals must have excellent organizational skills, be detail-oriented and be able to handle sensitive information with discretion. While many family law paralegals work for law firms, others work for government or not-for-profit organizations. Some may even decide to start their own private practice. There is no specific certification for family law paralegals and family law is regularly covered in most paralegal programs. Experience usually comes in the workplace or through workshops that address specific aspects of family law practice, such as dispute resolution, mediation, collaborative divorce practices or custody issues.

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